# About

This is a **Rhythm-FPS** game where you must shoot the targets on the water wheel to the beat of the song. 

*Full screen strongly recommended*

**_See how many you can get in a row and share your best streaks below!_**

# Controls

`1` to start the game

`LMB` to shoot

`WASD` to move

`Space` to jump

# Special Thanks

Huge shout-out to **Sweet_Niche** who let me use his awesome looping sound track!

And thank **YOU** for playing my second Ludum Dare game! This time I limited my scope and am happy with the result! I look forward to hearing your feedback.

My best is **195**. Can you beat it?


BangBangRevolution_v0.1_Windows_x86.zip 40 MB
BangBangRevolution_v0.1_MacOSX.app.zip 47 MB
BangBangRevolution_v0.1_Linux_x86_64.zip 51 MB
BangBangRevolution_v0.1_Linux_x86.zip 50 MB

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